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You call out to the poisons afflicting a creature or object, drawing them out with a few swift motions, weakening or slowing the effects of poisons that are already present, whether in a vial of poison or afflicting a creature.

Action (Ritual 10 Minutes) - 5 ft. Radius (10 ft.) - 1st Level (Transmutation) - VS - 8 Hours

  • All food and drink in the area is purified and rendered free of poison and disease, though it may still be rotten or inedible. This has no effect on magical poisons or diseases.* This effect is permanent.

  • A creature currently afflicted with a poison or disease is bolstered against the effect for the next 8 hours. They have advantage on any saves against the poison or disease's effects, or any save made to determine if it gets worse or better with time.

*Upcasting: This spell can remove poisons or diseases from food or drink if cast at least one level higher than the level of the spell that made the poison or disease, if applicable.


Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger

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