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You hold a handful of dry leaves, grass, or other plant material. You whistle, and the air escaping your lips rips the leaves into tiny pieces as it carries forward and forms a small but powerful dust devil, capable of picking up all but the heaviest of creatures.

Action - 10 ft. Radius (90 ft.) - 5th Level (Evocation) - VSM - Concentration (10 Minutes)

Strength Save

This spell conjures a dust devil 10 ft. across and 30 ft. tall. It can lift up to 1000 pounds of weight, and at your GM's discretion, may rip some objects out of the ground. Creatures of large size or larger may be too heavy to be lifted, restrained, or knocked prone by this spell, but they will still take damage.

  • Failure: Target takes 4d6 bludgeoning damage, rises 15 ft. off the ground, and is both restrained and prone. Target rolls again at end of their turns. On a success, they take half damage and end the restrained condition, falling to the ground prone without taking falling damage.

  • Success: Half damage, no other effect.

  • Area Hazard: The area is difficult terrain. Creatures who enter the area must save against the spell.

  • Concentration: Once per turn, you can use your bonus action to move the whirlwind up to 15 ft., moving all creatures currently held by the whirlwind and forcing all creatures in its path to roll a save against the spell.

*Upcasting: Increase damage by 2d6 for each spell level above 5th.



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