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Wicked Walls of Castle Fallow

Wicked Walls of Castle Fallow is an upcoming adventure for 5e game masters and players. It is designed for use with Foundry Virtual Tabletop, including integration with the popular Dynamic Active Effects module.

Fallow will be free to play and stream for the general public.

Fallow Icon.png

Fallow is a slow-paced story firmly within the horror genre. Players can expect to hear dark whispering throughout their forced stay in the town of Fallow. Between the strange characters who still reside in this ruin, the mercenary deserters who control the hills, and swarms of rats, the players will never know if they are safe.

Fallow Mine_edited.jpg
Custom Maps

Every map you explore is filled with deliberate detail. We hand-place each piece of the environment, and the keen player will discover many secrets.


Only the mad or desperate live in Fallow. Your characters will join a cast of twitchy bandits, paranoid hermits, and forgotten heroes. Everyone who travels here wants to disappear, but only the most careful characters can survive this tumultuous place.

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