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The Elkan 5e website is an online game manual and expansion for

your 5th edition games.

We revise 5e classes, create new content, and provide useful references for our game rules. To keep up with weekly changes, check out out changelog or join us on Discord.

Our Content

What We Changed

June 9th, 2024: Our latest major content update covers 2nd Level Spells.

Use our Foundry VTT Module

Our add-on module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop adds everything you see here on the website to your online games. We provide optional automation support as well, so your abilities will automatically apply their effects to your characters and enemies.

Foundry VTT Community Content

Elkan itself is the game setting for any official Elkan 5e playable content. Pictured above are three of Elkan's villains: the succubus queen Octavia, the wild minotaur god Baphomet, and the twisted Archangel Sariel. If you want to learn more, or get exclusive news on online events where you can play with the design team...

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If you're willing to support the project and help us break even, you can make a donation over at Patreon. 100% of money sent to the Patreon currently goes to paying for Elkan 5e content. The content you see here will always be free, so donations are the only way we pay the bills.

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