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You lay a small handbell at the precipice of a door, window, or other opening. Alternatively, you lay the handbell at the center or end of a 20 ft. long silver wire. Mentally thinking of your allies, you attune the bell to ring when approached by anyone unexpected.

1 Minute (Ritual: 10 Minutes) - 20 ft. Line - 1st Level (Abjuration) - SM - 8 Hours

Utility Spell (Ritual)

  • Choose a door, a window, or an area within range that is no longer than a 20 ft. line. You choose which creatures won't set off the alarm, and then until the spell ends, a bell alerts you whenever a Tiny or larger creature touches or enters the warded entrance or line.

  • The alarm produces the sound of a hand bell for 12 seconds (2 rounds), and can be heard from within 100 feet. The caster can choose to make the bell only audible to themselves when they cast the spell.


Bard, Ranger, Wizard

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