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Rolling bones, reading splatter patterns, laying out ornate cards, or employing some other divining tool, you receive an omen about the future.

1 Minute (Ritual: 10 Minutes) - Self - 2nd Level (Divination) - VSM

Materials: You require a set of Augury Bones or something similar, typically valued at 25 gold.

Utility Spell

State a specific course of action that you or your group plan to take within the next 30 minutes. The GM will state one of the following:

  • Weal, if pursuing this course of action is most likely better than not pursuing it.

  • Woe, if pursuing this course of action will likely make things worse.

  • Weal and woe, if both of the above are likely.

  • Nothing, if results will most likely be mundane or minor.

The spell doesn’t take into account any possible circumstances that might change the outcome, such as the casting of additional spells or the loss or gain of a companion.

If you cast the spell two or more times before completing your next long rest, there is a cumulative 25 percent chance for each casting after the first that you get a random reading. The GM makes this roll in secret.


Cleric, Druid, Warlock

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