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Ball Lightning

You declare yourself to wield the power of the storm, touching a small ball of crumbled metal foil. The ball electrifies, and as you pull your hand away, a congruent ball of lightning appears in your hand, which you fling at an enemy. As you move your hand to mimic a ball bouncing, the ball then bounces to a creature of your choice close to the first.

Action - 2 Visible Creatures* (30 ft.) - 1st Level (Evocation) - VSM

Dexterity Save

This spell can affect 2 creatures within 15 ft. of each other. The first must be within 30 ft. of you.

  • Failure: 2d6 lightning damage.

  • Success: Half damage.

*Upcasting: The ball can bounce to an additional target within 15 ft. of your last target for each spell level above 1st.


Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard

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