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Continual Flame

You scatter red sand by blowing it over a torch or other kindling. A flame, equivalent in brightness to a torch, springs forth. The effect looks and feels like a regular flame but doesn't use oxygen or consume the fire's fuel.

Action - 5 ft. Cube (5 ft.) - 2nd Level (Evocation) - VSM

Utility Spell

You select a space with flammable material. You cannot directly set a creature on fire with this spell.

  • You light a fire which does not spread and which cannot be smothered or quenched by mundane means. The fire spreads dim light in a 60 ft. radius and bright light in a 30 ft. radius. Undying torches can be made with this spell. 

  • A creature that is within the area of effect of the fire when it appears takes damage.

Dexterity Save

  • Failure: Target takes 3d6 fire damage.*

  • Success: Half damage

  • Area Hazard: The fire is permanent. Targets roll a save when they enter or when they end their turn in the well (but only once per turn).

*Upcasting: Increase damage by [[/damage 1d6 fire]] for each spell level above 2nd.

Normally, the only way to end a Continual Flame spell is with Dispel Magic or a Darkness spell.


Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard

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