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You whisper to the spirits of nature, calling upon their power to perform a simple magical task.

Action - 30 ft. - Cantrip (Transmutation) - VS - 1 Minute

Utility Spell

You  create one of the following effects. Up to three can be active at a  time. If you cast this spell while three effects are already in place,  you choose one to end.

  • You  predict what the weather will be at your location for the next 24 hours.  The spirits send you an illusory effect, such as a golden orb for clear  skies, a cloud for rain, falling snowflakes for snow, and so on. This  effect persists for 1 minute.

  • You instantly make a flower blossom, a seed pod open, or a leaf bud bloom.

  • You  conjure a harmless ambient effect in a 30 ft. radius around yourself,  such as falling leaves or a gentle breeze, which persists for up to 1  minute.

  • You create an instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as the sound of a small animal, or the faint odor of skunk.

  • You instantly light or snuff out a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.



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