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A grasshopper's hind leg twitches in your hand or component pouch as you whisper and envision your target jumping high into the air.

Action - 1 Creature* (Touch) - 1st Level (Transmutation) - VSM - 1 Hour


  • The target's jump distance is tripled. If the target creature moves at least 10 ft. before jumping, they can make running long jumps of up to three times their strength score in distance, or high jumps of a height of 3 x (3+ their strength modifier). Round the total possible jump distance to the nearest 5 ft. when using this spell. We provide a table below with typical jump distances at this link.

  • When the target falls further than 10 ft. and would take fall damage, subtract their running high jump height from the fall distance for calculating fall damage. A character with this spell doesn't take damage from their own jumps unless falling further than they can jump.

*Upcasting: Target one additional creature for each spell level above 1st.

The amount a character can move in one jump is still limited by their total movement speed. While a character with 20 strength can jump up to 60 ft. with a long jump using this spell, they would need to have an effective speed of 70 to pull that off- including the 10 ft. of lead up. A character's total jump distance is limited to a maximum of their speed.


Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard

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