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You hold a piece of wire, one normally meant to hold small eggs to dip them in paint. You gesture as if lifting a creature or object from afar, offering a prayer to elemental spirits of air. When you lift the wire, the creature or object lifts into the air and gains the ability to float above the ground. While close to the ground, gravity has little effect on them.

Action - 1 Willing Creature or Object* (60 ft.) - 2nd Level (Transmutation) - VSM - Concentration (10 Minutes)


The spell can levitate a target that weighs up to 500 pounds.

  • Target immediately rises up to 20 ft. into the air (your choice).

  • Target gains a fly speed of 20 ft. and can hover.

  • Concentration: Once per turn, you can use your action to move the levitated target up to 20 ft., but never higher than 20 ft. off the ground.

*Upcasting: Target one additional creature for each spell level above 2nd.


Sorcerer, Wizard

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