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Magic Mouth

You place your mouth close to an object. You scatter a small amount of lapis lazuli dust, and say "Accept these words, which I now place in your mouth." You then speak a message up to 30 seconds long, and set the condition for the object to repeat your message. When the object speaks, it appears to form a mouth and the message is played in your voice.

1 Minute - 1 Object (30 ft.) - 2nd Level (Illusion) - VSM - Permanent

Materials: You require 0.1 pounds of pure lapis lazuli sust}, typically valued at 10 gold. This spell consumes this material.

Utility Spell

  • You implant a message up to 30 seconds long within the object. The message is repeated in your voice when a trigger condition is met. You can set the message to only occur once, after which the spell is dispelled, or it can repeat every time the trigger is met. The trigger can be anything you want but must be based on visual or audible conditions that occur within 30 feet of the object.

  • If the object has a mouth, it animates and delivers the message. Otherwise, an illusory mouth forms and speaks the message.

If the mouth is triggered twice at the same time, it will only play the message once. If the message finishes playing and then the trigger is met again, it will then start playing the message a second time. It does not queue its message or restart a message it has already begun speaking.


Bard, Wizard

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