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You chant an old mantra in a forgotten language, rubbing the seed of a moonseed plant as you call a silvery beam of pale light down from above, burning all creatures in a pillar before you. If you're outside, this beam of light appears to come from the sky.

Action - 5 ft. Radius (150 ft.) - 2nd Level (Evocation) - VSM - Concentration (1 Minute)

Constitution Save

The moonbeam targets all creatures in a 5 ft. radius, 40-foot tall cylinder centered on a point within 120 ft.

Shapeshifters (including some druids, creatures that are polymorphed or cursed into another form, and natural shapeshifters like changelings) make their saving throws against this spell with disadvantage. If a shapeshifter fails their save against this spell, they instantly revert to their original form and stay that way until they leave the light or the spell ends.

  • Failure: Target takes 2d10 radiant damage.*

  • Success: Half damage.

  • Area Hazard: The moonbeam remains in place, and fills the target location with dim light. If a shapeshifter enters the light, they can't shapeshift while in the light.

  • Concentration: Once per turn, you can use your action to move the beam up to 60 ft. and deal damage to all creatures in the light at its new destination.

*Upcasting: Increase damage by 1d10 for each spell level above 2nd.



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