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Rend the Veil

You hold out a damaged tuning fork attuned to another plane. You utter a corrupted version of the incantation needed to teleport to another plane, instead ripping a hole in space. All unsuspecting creatures  are compelled to flee from it, and the area around the rip is twisted.

Action - 20 ft. Radius (Visible Point, 60 ft.) - 5th Level (Conjuration) - VSM

Materials: Casting this spell requires a damaged tuning fork, typically valued at 50 gold. The tuning fork is not consumed by the spell.

Constitution Save

  • Failure: Target takes 4d8 force damage.*

  • Success: Half damage.

Additionally, all creatures who can see the rip in reality when it is formed must attempt a wisdom saving throw.

60 ft. Radius

Wisdom Save

  • Failure: Target is frightened of the center of this effect for 1 minute.  An unwilling target rolls again at end of their turns, ending effect on success.

  • Success: No effect.

*Upcasting: Increase damage by 2d8 for each spell level above 5th.



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