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Rope Trick

You run your hand along a rope 30 to 60 ft. long, feeding it upwards into the air, where, at your command, it remains. The animated rope moves according to your directions. This spell is typically used to secure a rope high above where an adventuring party can reach.

Action (Ritual: 10 Minutes) - 1 Object (Touch) - 2nd Level (Transmutation) - VSM - 10 Minutes

Summoning Spell

You animate a rope. If it ties itself to something, it remains tied after this spell ends.

  • It is a small construct and acts immediately after the end of your turn.

  • The only action the rope can take is to tie one end of itself to something or untie itself. It can attempt to grapple someone, but has an athletics score of -4. If it ties up someone who is not struggling, the DC to escape from this rope is then your spellcasting DC.

  • It is resistant to bludgeoning and piercing damage, immune to poison and psychic damage, and immune to the charmed, confused, frightened, deafened, goaded, paralyzed, poisoned, prone, unconscious, and exhaustion conditions.

  • It has AC 10, 5 hit points,* and all its ability scores are 2, except dexterity which is 10. It has a fly speed of 20 ft. The rope has a blindsight of 30 feet but no regular sight and has no ability to speak or hear.

*Upcasting: The rope has an additional 5 hit points for each spell level above 2nd level.


Bard, Ranger, Wizard

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