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Spirit Link

You slip a platinum ring onto two allies or reach out in the direction of the two linked rings. You speak an old chant to bind their souls together for a time. When one of them is injured, the spirit of the other sacrifices their life force to share the burden.

Action - 2 Allies (30 ft.) - 2nd Level (Abjuration) - VSM - 1 Hour

Materials: You require a pair of platinum rings, typically valued at 50 gold each.

Your targets must be wearing the rings when you cast the spell. Normally this spell has a range of 30 ft., but if you touch two creatures while casting, you can slip the rings onto them as part of casting this spell.


A target cannot be targeted by this spell if they are unwilling.

  • While the two targets chose are within 60 feet of each other they take half damage from all sources, and the other linked creature takes the other half (which cannot be reduced in any way).

  • The spell ends if either of the targets drops to 0 hit points or if the targets become seperated by more than 60 feet. Either of the linked creatures can dismiss the spell at the start of their turn.


Bard, Cleric, Paladin

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